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Making hotels and resorts shoppable

A brand new, simple, digital shopping platform that gives guests the opportunity to buy
the products they see around them, either in their room, while they eat or drink, listen to music or explore the hotel.

They see it. They love it. They buy it.

    LiBi helps drive

  • Incremental revenue

    A hassle-free, no stock investment retail solution

  • Enhanced guest experience

    Increased dwell time to engage with guests and customise VIP experiences

  • Brand loyalty and advocacy

    Create advocates through post holiday memories and storytelling

Imagine the guest who...

Imagine the guest who...

…after the best night’s sleep ever decided to buy the mattress and the bed linen that their hotel had selected and dreamed of that short break for many years to come...

...fell in love with the glass splashback in the bathroom and was able to connect with the artist and commissioned a bespoke piece taking a little bit of her holiday home...

...reconnected with their love of cycling, explored the city they visited and were inspired to buy the bikes that had rekindled their passion...

...has been brave enough to try paddleboarding with dad, and they have decided to reimagine their weekends to include the boards they’ve ordered to be there when they get home.

Benefits to hotels

Benefits to hotels

  • Your own hotel LiBi site
  • To tell your brands' stories
  • No additional workload for your team
  • Incremental revenue through commission on every sale
  • A risk free and low investment retail solution
  • To showcase and champion local brand
  • Enhanced VIP guest experiences
  • Easily accessed 24/7 via QR code for your guest
  • Long-lasting connections with guests post holiday
  • Data capture - how, where and what guests like to buy

Benefits to brands

Benefits to brands

  • New & Inspirational places to reach and engage with consumers
  • The Ultimate Immersive Showroom and opportunity to Try Before You Buy
  • Connecting people, places, emotions, and brands
  • Immerse the consumer in your brand story
  • Increased dwell time and opportunity to engage
  • Hotels as champions of your brand
  • Data insights around new customer habits
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How does it work? Say hi to LiBi

An easy access consumer ecommerce platform, with bespoke branding and product portfolio for your hotel or resort that showcases only the exclusive items people can buy from their stay with you.

All accessible to buy using a smartphone camera to scan QR codes at selected locations or through hotel materials, that automatically takes guests to your hotel’s own mobile LiBi platform.

Purchases are delivered to the guest’s home on their return, or sent as a gift to friends and family.

Partner Brands

Here are a selection of brands that we call friends and who have helped LiBi from the outset.

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Proud sponsors of

Hospa logo wide

LiBi at large

LiBi is easily accessed by scanning QR codes around the hotel. See for yourself by scanning the QR code below.

Try me HR 388x546 Scan me HR 640x546 Ssssh HR 388x546

We will create a suite of marketing collateral that can sit in-room, in reception or in the bar to complement the decor and brand.

You’ll like LiBi, and more importantly, so will your guests.

So, what do we do?

So, what do we do?

We connect - we collaborate and link hotels, resorts and their guests with amazing brands.

We tell stories - that continually engage, educate, excite and surprise.

We make memories - through immersive experiences that are remembered long after the holiday is over.

Join us and see retail differently

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