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LiBi Supports Room to Reward

About Room to Reward

Room to Reward are a young, small charity making big waves in the hospitality and voluntary sectors to recognise the importance of – and say ‘thank you’ to – the inspirational volunteers who give up their time to help others.

On average, there are approximately 140,000 hotel rooms sitting empty and unused every night in the U.K. This amounts to £5 billion worth of wasted assets every year.

An unsold hotel room can obviously never be sold again. So, rather than have that room go to waste, why not use it as an opportunity to give a ‘thank you’ break to someone who truly deserves some recognition and – let’s face it – a bit of pampering

It’s also about utilising what would otherwise be a wasted asset. Until now, an unsold hotel room was simply seen as an unavoidable, inevitable consequence of running a hotel. With R2R, those wasted assets help create memorable, special experiences for truly special people.