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Taking a guest’s ‘green’ experience beyond the hotel: Showcasing brands and concepts that support sustainability efforts

The sustainable agenda

With the climate crisis often dominating the news agenda, sustainability has become a fundamental priority for all sectors of business and parts of life meaning that adopting and implementing smart sustainable practises will become ever more integral to businesses’ future plans.

This of course includes hotels too, who are acknowledging the need to focus on an increasingly environmentally-friendly approach - in part driven by consumer demand, with 45% of consumers already making decisions based on sustainability and 60% of consumers considering a brand’s ethics before committing to a purchase.

As such individuals are actively seeking a ‘green hospitality experience’ to align with their wider beliefs.

It’s imperative then, that sustainability is considered not just for the planet but for the reputation of your business.

LiBi and sustainability advocacy

At LiBi, we’re well aware of this shift in mindset and we’re keen to assist hotels in achieving the coveted ‘green’ experience.

By partnering consumer lifestyle brands with a network of hotels and resorts, we’re aiming to mindfully select and showcase those brands and concepts that support sustainability efforts. We’ll seek to actively feature these products on our eCommerce platform, enabling hotel guests to purchase the ‘green’ items they see, try and love.

Combatting the climate crisis is an endeavour that everyone needs to work towards and at LiBi we actively look to partner with hotels that offer sustainable amenities and ethically sourced toiletries in their rooms. The latter may include products such as palm oil-free handwash or reusable items. We also want to give exposure to those businesses that source goods from reputable advisers, and which consider the environmental impact – from production through to distribution and consumption.

By partnering with like-minded businesses and brands, we hope to help hotels demonstrate their eco-friendly status through the promotion of ‘green products’ as part of both their hospitality and LiBi led retail offer. This brand exposure greatly benefits the hotel, as guests can see they’re implementing sustainable, environmentally-friendly initiatives – subsequently improving trust, customer loyalty and retention.

How hotels can become more sustainable

There are additional simple steps hotels and resorts can utilise to become more eco-friendly. With oceans full to the brim with plastic, hotels and other hospitality venues must be mindful of the impact they have on the environment and make a conscious effort to reduce plastic usage and waste.

To achieve this, it’s important to look at the minutiae of your offering – as the so called ‘small things’ all too often add up to become big things. For instance, using recyclable and biodegradable packaging as opposed to plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles can really help to minimise environmental impact. Taking these items at face value – a small bottle of shampoo – makes them seem trivial, but multiplied by the number of guests, it soon adds up to the thousands, underlining the significance of taking action.

Many hotels have embraced locally sourced ingredients and products. Supporting local endeavours aside, there’s a direct correlation between shortened supply chains and reduced carbon emissions, with the less distance your produce travels, the less carbon emitted enroute.

Guests are increasingly aware and mindful of the importance of shopping or opting for locally sourced products, noting the shortened supply chains, and will make their choices accordingly.

Marketing your hotel as an environmentally conscious business will enhance your brand image, improve customer trust and provide the transparency that is becoming sought after within the hospitality sector.

At Libi, we aim to accentuate this by helping to broadcast your sustainable credentials to a receptive audience.

To find out more and discover the flexible and bespoke approach we bring, talk to the LiBi team at