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The Implementation of a Frictionless Mobile Solution in Hospitality – It’s Not Just Gen Z and Millennial Approved!

Achieving the Sought-After Guest Experience

What makes a good guest experience?

Classically it’s understood to be about customer service. Anticipating core needs to make a stay memorable, and meeting expectations set before they arrive. Hospitality businesses are encouraged to place this front and centre of any business model

But, in this day and age, providing excellent customer service is not enough and that ‘anticipation’ element is what can set you apart and land truly excellent experience as guests are seeking innovative alternatives to make their stay stand out. The things they can’t necessarily anticipate but that provide additional emotional wins and something shareable to talk about.

So, how can hotel businesses go that extra mile?

A Frictionless Mobile Solution

Research shows that 84% of customers consider their shopping experience to be just as important as the quality of the products on an eCommerce store.

In recent years, there has been a shift in demand for technology that simplifies the shopping process, as well as the ability to shop wherever you are

And although many believe it’s solely Millennials and Gen Z who are requesting this technology, this is not the case – Gen X and Boomers are also seeing the benefits of a fast and easy shopping experience and are making retail choices accordingly.

This is because, irrespective of age, customers are looking for fast transactions that enable them to confirm their point of purchase quickly and intuitively.

Incorporating LiBi, a Frictionless Mobile Solution, into the Hospitality Sector

Marking a travel industry first, we are a new eCommerce platform that partners consumer lifestyle brands with a network of hotels and resorts, making many items that the guest can interact with instantly shoppable. And at the click of a button to add real added value satisfaction and experience from a hotel stay while allowing hotels to earn incremental income from every transaction.

In keeping with what customers want, we provide an easy, frictionless mobile solution that benefits the hospitality sector and goes above and beyond customer expectations – ensuring a guest experience with a difference.

Through QR code access, guests can browse the range of items they have encountered during a hotel stay. For example, they could buy products that take their fancy in their hotel room, lodge or cabin or something they’ve spotted while eating or drinking or visiting the spa.

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Our eCommerce platform means every hotel partner benefits from its own bespoke page that functions as a virtual boutique for all shoppable items. The commercial transactions flow through our drop-ship home delivery model, meaning hotels and resorts won’t need to hold any inventory – the items will be delivered directly to the guest's home without any requirements from the hospitality venue.

Brands featured on our platform can also package unique experiences, backstories and offers that can’t be accessed through other channels, delivering an additional VIP retail experience. These could include virtual tours, ‘meet the makers’ content, live events, exclusive offers and more.

With careers forged in travel retail, we know and understand as founders the challenges that the retail world faces around customer loyalty, the quest for ever-better customer experiences, and the challenge of the flight to the digital world that can limit that cut-through value.

Although opportunities to experience physical products are shrinking as shopping moves online – we believe the hospitality industry offers exponential potential for brands to tell their stories and reach their consumers.

By implementing our frictionless mobile solution, hotels can offer guests a simple tech innovation to meet their shopping needs and take their guest experience to the next level.

It’s still customer service excellence, but with the new twist and interpretation designed to delight and earn high levels of positive emotional recall. Which is of course, win win for all participants.

To find out more and discover the flexible and bespoke approach we bring, talk to the LiBi team at