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Know your guests better through unique customer data

Data Capture: What it is and why it is integral to business

What exactly is data capture?

In a nutshell, data capture involves the transference of data from a physical to a digital format.

Over the years, data capture has become increasingly important to businesses. It holds massive advantages, including but not limited to eliminating hidden costs, enhanced accuracy, and readily available data.

Data can be accessed on-the-go if captured by digital means, enabling businesses to access information such as reservations, shipping orders and instructions at any minute of the day, every day.

Due to the current competitive climate, data technology enables businesses to get ahead of the game, with subsequent data capture proving increasingly beneficial to overall growth and progression.

Introducing LiBi: A frictionless mobile solution that captures data

So, how exactly do we go about integrating technology that captures data?

We have devised an easy-to-use frictionless mobile solution that effortlessly captures unique customer data.

LiBi, our newly launched eCommerce platform, enables retail outlets to gain insight into the spending habits of customers. Blending immersive product experiences with instant retail reality, we help guests browse and purchase the range of items they’ve experienced during overnight hotel stays.

Through QR code access, guests can scan the corresponding code to reveal details on price and availability, the supply chain (is it sustainably produced?) and the backstory behind the product and brand.

LiBi: Utilising data capture to enhance guest experience

How can the data acquired by LiBi enhance guest experience?

Enabling guests to try and buy the products they experience during their stay can add an extra layer to the overall guest experience, embellishing their appreciation of the hotel environment and enhancing brand storytelling.

However, we believe that LiBi is not only beneficial to guests, but also for hotels and retailers. Our eCommerce software can capture unique guest data in the form of where they shop, what they shop and what times they shop – giving retailers a much-needed insight into crucial data regarding customer spending habits.

Furthermore, hoteliers can use data capture to see what products guests are buying (and therefore enjoying!) - this could be the comfy mattresses, the creative artwork displayed on walls or the ethical handwash in the bathroom.

Attaining the spending statistics of guests enables hotels to make informed decorative and purchasing decisions, subsequently allowing scope for constant improvement and enhancing the overall tailored guest experience.

We want to help you achieve just this, why not talk to the LiBi team at